Johnny Smith Tattoos

Johnny Smith Tattoos will be showcasing the best and most creative tattoos in the world. Tattoos such as wildlife tattoos, animal tattoos, bird tattoos, pest tattoos, motorcycle tattoos, car tattoos and many more. Since 2013 has been creating and posting creative and inspiring tattoos about wildlife and animals on many different art projects.

Cool tattoos like colored tattoos and black and white tattoos created by johnnysmithart. Many visitors come back to our website each month to see new tattoos created and posted.

German Shepard Tattoo


Ape/Gorilla Tattoo by Johnny Smith


One of Johnny Smith’s best wildlife removal and animal removal tattoos:


Johnny Smith Artists are constantly at work creating new and exciting tattoos and tattoo ideas. Our artists take many hours researching, sketching, then creating a final piece into a magical work of art. Specializing in wildlife tattoos and animal tattoos has always been our passion. We love thinking of the next tattoo project we can start sketching on. We even use the very best tattoo guns. Quality is always number one when it comes to personalized and custom created tattoos. Some of our favorite animals to sketch are deers, raccoons, squirrels, tigers, bears, bats, skunks, eagles, panthers, snakes, opossums, moles, and lions. We will however draw any animal that we can create into something beautiful like the tattoos we’ve done in the past.

Check out wildlife tattoo page here.

A lot of site visitors ask if we can design and draw a tattoo for them and we tell them we sure can. Email us anytime and just ask and tell what you are looking for in a tattoo and we can attempt to create a sketch for you. Many of our shop customers have had their dreams come true in the form of tattoos on their body. Message us on our contact page to request a drawing of your dream tattoo. Tattoos are deep and spiritual in a way, and the meaning behind them is usually extremely complex and deep with emotions and feelings.

Many get addicted to creating and designing tattoos then having them done on different parts of their body. The pain becomes like therapy after a while during the process, the spiritual healing behind getting a tattoo done on your skin is very magical and stress relieving. You can forget everything and just focus as the tattoo comes together. Animal and wildlife tattoos are amazing as the designs and gorgeous features of the animals can be portrayed in the image of the art. These tattoo are so cool and amazing. Tattoos will always be popular by Johnny Smith and we will always be creating art tell the end of time.

Tattoos are the best way to express yourself to the world. Whether it be animals, wildlife, family portraits, creations or any other passion it can be designed and shown through the art of the tattoo. Tattoos are becoming ever so popular in todays world. You see more and more people with full and half sleeve tattoos across are amazing and diverse world. Come back later to our site to check out more cool and unique tattoos.

In the future we will be adding in exotic animal tattoos as the website progresses. Exotic animal tattoos are very hard to create, but worth it as the outcome is an amazing piece of art in the form of the tattoo.